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America's Boating Club

America's Boating Club

Club Mooring

A home in Branford Harbor of Long Island Sound

It is our desire that with a central location dedicated for members, weekend raft-ups may become a normal occurrence. Common sense rules should apply for its use. This is not a first-come first-served scenario, however. All members shared in the cost, so all get to use it. If the mooring is occupied by a member (flying a squadron burgee would be a good way to be identified), they should expect and be prepared for other arriving vessels to raft with them, with appropriate fenders in between. Should the newer arrivals be larger vessels, it may make sense to switch the boat actually linked to the mooring so that the larger vessel is the one secured on the mooring and the smaller vessel rafted up alongside.

New Mooring Location (July 2017)

Note new location of our NHSPS mooring in Branford Harbor: N41 15.484 W072 49.657. Make sure you fly your NHSPS burgee when you are on it. It is a large white mooring ball with a PVC pipe extending up. On top of the pipe is a large shackle which you pass your own line thru. This eliminates handling slimed lines. The location is a short distance from the previous one. Many thanks to new member Barry Morgante for supplying the location and ball. Also to Becky Gladych for diving and helping to make the connection.

Mooring Ball