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Participating in activities on the water and off, with fellow members who are skilled in boating, is a rewarding and enjoyable experience. On-the-water activities include cruises, rendezvous, sail races, navigation contests and even fishing derbys. We even have a Squadron mooring! Activities ashore include membership meetings and programs, parties, dinner-dances, picnics, and field trips.

Photo Log

Woody Allen once said, "Ninety percent of life is just showing up..." Here are some of your fellows who did just that.

2023 Change of Watch

The 2023 Bridge is sworn in at Allegra's, February 2023

2023 Change of Watch

D/C Art Andrea, AP, with new Commander Peter Jenkin, SN, at the Change of Watch

2023 Change of Watch

Commander Peter Jenkin thanks LT Tyler Eckstrom, USCGA, for speaking at the March 2023 members' meeting

Mini-cruise Chart

Our destination for the Squadron's July 2023 Mini-Cruise to Port Jefferson

2023 Change of Watch

Past Commander Robert Frost displays his Past Commander's flag at the 2023 Change of Watch

Pearl at Anchor

Commander Peter Jenkin and PC Nancy Miller's Pearl at anchor in Mattituck Creek

D1 Sailing Trophy

P/C Peter DePascale, AP, receives D1 Sailing Trophy from D/C Charles L. Marino, P, for his First Place performance at the 2018 sail race held at the Branford Yacht Club each year in July.

Puffin II

Marshall Quin’s Therapy

Irish Mist

Irish Mist - Peter DePascale's 33' Nonsuch

Archival Photo Log


Everyone enjoyed a marvelous grab bag of giftsOur 2010 Christmas Party focused on family, food and of course fun! The Branford Yacht Club was a delightful locale, despite the rainy weather.

Our hero Lt/C Richard Hackley - griller extraordinaire

Our hostess - and some well-satisfied participants -- kick-off Summer 2010

Hosted by P/C Alison (and Garth), members used a lovely afternoon to kick-off another promising summer.

Mark Cisto helps setup the NHPS mooring buoy for summer use

A past commander, an executive officer, someone to work and the NHPS mooring is ready for another summer's use.

2010's Annual Open-house at Coast Guard's Sector Long Island Sound was manned by Lt/C William Weidner, among others.Lt/c William Weidner presents USPS North Sails opened their world headquarters of cloth manufacturing and containing one of the largest sail floors in the world.North sail cloth is woven
North yarns come together
Jack Orr was our affable host
A half-football field work table

A few of our fellows renewed their vows to support our squadron and promote the values which brought us all into USPS. And, supported by the generosity of West Marine, a few won marvelous prizes.
D/C John Nason administers the oath to the bridge officers.
Mark Cisto and Jackie Considine distributed largesse from West Marine.

Our Christmas Party focused on family, food and of course fun! The Branford Yacht Club was a delightful locale, despite the rainy weather.
Everyone enjoyed a marvelous pot-luck meal for Christmas
Everyone enjoyed a marvelous pot-luck meal for Christmas

November was a Celebration of Thanksgiving. We've got a lot to be thankful for, not least of which was the turkey dinner with all the trimmings provided by our members.
Everyone enjoyed a marvelous meal for Thanksgiving
Everyone enjoyed a marvelous meal for Thanksgiving


Our October meeting celebrated a century plus of membershipand our own Becky's experience diving semi-tropical waters.
Five with twenty-five -- over a century of membership
Becky displays a close-up of tropical creatures

And we visited New London Ledge Light, too! Listening to tales of the light


Brec with a couple of his paintings September saw Brechin Morgan make a marvelous presentation on his 4+ year solo circumnavigation aboard his 27' Pacific Seacraft sailboat "Otter" departing Block Island in November 1998 and returning in May 2003.

NHPS members socializing in Branford
Also in August we rafted in Branford.

August featured our fifth annual Thimble Island cruise aboard M/V Sea Mist. Photos by P/C Mike Drozd, AP; many more on display at flickr.
The Hackleys in the Thimbles
Alison keeps her eyes out in the Thimbles
Mark Cisto, Grill King, with his public
Good food, good friends, great day


Summer 2009 was launched with panache as well as good food and fine weather at Bruce & Johnson's Marina
Mark Munro presents <I>Jennie R. Dubois Mark Munro, of Sound Underwater Survey and the Baccala Wreck Divers, enlightened and entertained us with his presentation of the recently discovered secrets of the five-masted coasting schooner Jennie R. Dubois.
West Marine's Ron describes below-the-water products. Just in time, April's meeting at West Marine included descriptions of a number of commissioning products and tools.

Wayne E. Sandford, Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, enthralled members with his presentation of prevention, response and recovery. And he left us with a tool for self-help: Wayne E. Sandford, Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security

A dozen folks hopped a bus for the New England Boat Show in Boston. They saw boats, gear, and even another Power Squadron!
Intrepid travelers Eric Anderson, Eric Spitzner, Anthony Cuccinelli, Peter St. Pierre and Bill Weidner at the boat show The boys (and girls) on the bus District 12 had a booth

Our first Valentine's Day Dance included a festive dance hall, upbeat music, good treats, good conversation, and a fun raffle.
A well-decorated site and pleasant company. Happy Valentine!
Being past commander does not mean past prime.

Richard Hackley, Mark Cisto, Peter St. Pierre, Art Andrea, Eric Spitzner, Bill Weidner

The year's premiere event included fine dining and fast friends as we swore in our squadron's newest bridge crew.

Thanksgiving brought good food, good friends, and Robert Glassman recounting his sailing adventures and observations from his many cruises to and around the Southeastern Caribbean.
It was potluck, but it was good luck and good eating for all
Robert Glassman in conversation with Alison Varian about Caribbean sailing

The spirit of Halloween appeared in the guise of shipwreck and pirate.
Nancy embodies shipwreck
Richard, Michelle and Alyssa embody heary pirates

Our Becky opening her presentation Our own Becky Gladych, talking about invasive species in Long Island Sound, the seaweed she's been monitoring for the past two years, and the wrecks we also have and how they have become artificial reefs for the fish, invertebrates, and other organisms.

SEO Peter St. Pierre presented the USPS Seminar "Using GPS" to one of our largest gatherings in some while. SEO Peter St. Pierre introduces the seminar

Lt Kohn and Capt Ronan proved interesting and informative Captain Daniel Ronan, Commanding Officer of United States Coast Guard Sector Long Island Sound, assisted by Lieutenant Kohn, discussed the many roles of the Coast Guard today, and local operations in Sector Long Island Sound. He also talked with our Sea Scouts about career opportunities in the Coast Guard.

Mike and Inge Drozd presented "Alaska By Sea," the tale of their cruise along the state's coast. Inge Drozd explains totem poles.

Change of Watch 2007 had Sea Scouts, a raffle, and two members honored for fifty years of participation. Plus food and convivial companionship!
District, squadron and ship commanders plus scouts.
Our youngest member chooses raffle winners.
Newest commander and fifty-year veteran.
Commander and fifty-year veteran.
Captain Richard E. Barry Jr., Master of the Training Vessel Kings Pointer of the United States Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point gave a presentation and told sea stories to a rapt audience of regular and Sea Scout members. And we awarded a plaque to a fellow who's been a member for fifty years!
P/C Nancy Miller, SN, introduces Captain Richard E. Barry, Jr.
P/C Peter Jenkin, SN, and P/C Nancy Miller, SN, recognize Arthur Ferrucci for fifty years membership.

Labor Day 2007 found NHPS enjoying the beaches of Kelsey's Island.
Every person and every boat in this picture is part of New Haven Power Squadron -- reaping the benefits of membership.
And we got to see ospreys on their nests, too!

The District 1 family gathered at Essex Island Marina for its annual meeting and rendezvous.
S/V Georgia towers over her dockmates, showing the NHPS burgee to the world
The D1 Rendezvous includes a meeting, but formal is hardly the word for it.

We kicked-off summer at Branford Point this year. With Sea Scouts and voyaging bloggers and a crew of happy members, 2007 is well underway.
Summer and burgers are both anticipated
Commander Alison tosses a disc with Sea Scouts

A hearty band of volunteers presented our squadron to the public at a Coast Guard Open House for National Safe Boating Week. A hearty band of volunteers presented our squadron to the public at a Coast Guard Open House for National Safe Boating Week.

Eric Treu from Sail-works and Around the Buoys sail races in Branford entertained -- and educated -- a mixed group of sailors and power boaters in the back room of West Marine with information about one of the best and most fun ways to improve sailing skill.
Eric Treu gets well into the ColRegs of overtaking.
Our group shares a laugh with Eric Treu.

Sea Scout skipper Jonathon Glassman makes a point. In a meeting held in conjunction with Sea Scout Ship 1, Betsy Hackley of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy introduced us to the nation's oldest & finest co-ed maritime college, and her experience aboard the school's training vessel, the T.S. Enterprise, in what is called a Sea Term.

Only a couple of seals in sight 25 March was chill and dank and that led to an absence of seals near Faulkner's Island. However, there were plenty of squadron folk present, and they enjoyed their day on the water.

Terri Kinney of Save the Sound describes the impact on the Sound of the Broadwater LNG facility. Terri Kinney from Save the Sound discussed the impact of the LNG facility on Long Island Sound.

Our 92nd Change of Watch, this year at the Maritime Grille in Guilford.
Sharing thoughts of pleasures past and future.
New Commander Alison presents the P/C pennant to Bill Weidner

Quentin Snediker had everyone's attention as he described the salvage of live oaks downed by Hurricane Katrina for the restoration of Charles W. Morgan. Quentin Snediker had everyone's attention as he described the salvage of live oaks for the restoration of Charles W. Morgan.

Oktoberfest, beer, sauerbraten & "What I did during summer vacation."
Good food, good friends, great memories.
And good dessert, too!

Our own Commander Bill's real meat balls & linguine, plus Project Oceanology's Baxter Tewksbury's virtual tour of New London Ledge Lighthouse; more benefits of membership. Good food, fine friends, interesting destinations.

August featured our fourth annual Thimble Island cruise aboard M/V Sea Mist.
P/C Kim Chieppo, P, and Scott Andrews with friends as the tour begins.
Everyone ate well on the cruise.
Peter arriving in his slip
Touring winery storage vats
Cookout in Mattituck
Dave and Laurie and R J Greenstone
Folks who enjoy messing about in boats, messing about in boats together. The very model of a fraternal boating club.

The thermometer was chilly, but squadron folk were warm as we kicked-off Summer '06 at Guilford Mooring. Squadron folk enjoy their fraternal boating club at Guilford Mooring.

The face of America's Boating Club A crew of squadron folk enjoyed National Safe Boating Week 20 May as they participated in an open house at Coast Guard Sector Long Island Sound in New Haven.

Snacks, charts, dreams and plans; this is what a fraternal boating club looks like. It looks like summer will be wonderful.
Go west young man This is what a fraternal boating club looks like.

Spring finally seems to have arrived, and a group intent upon getting their boats ready to enjoy paid close attention to Marcus Notz and his staff at West Marine as they taught hull protectants -- barrier coats, bottom paints and such -- then provided discounted purchases. All that in addition to snacks and socialization! Marcus Notz explains hull protectants to an attentive group.

A hardy band filled the charter boat Sea Mist for our First Annual Seal Cruise.
All hands on deck.
Keeping a sharp lookout off Falkner Island

The year's premiere social event brought together members and their families and District Executive Officer -- and soon to be Commander -- John Mancini, AP, for our squadron's 91st Change of Watch.
Socializing was the first order of business
Commander William Weidner takes the oath of office
Members of the Bridge Committee stand by to serve

New Haven Power Squadron held a joint meeting with Sea Scout Ship 1; swearing in its newest batch of recruits and viewing an overview of Power Squadron member courses and how they've improved over time.
NHPS Cdr. Weidner is piped aboard Sea Scout Ship 1
Our newest batch of recruits is sworn in by Cdr. Weidner.

Jerry L. Mashaw and Anne U. MacClintock in front of their home. Jerry L. Mashaw and Anne U. MacClintock discussed their year-long trip from Short Beach (Branford) to Grenada and back. This husband-and-wife team author of Seasoned By Salt talked some about the book, sampled a few passages, and opened up the session for questions and discussion. They kept those members bold enough to venture out on a dark and stormy night enthralled; I even forgot to take pictures!

Long-time members Dave and Laurie Burt (both SN) shared their experiences "snow bird" cruising to and from Florida. Laurie and Dave Burt discuss their cruising to Florida.

The littlest Hackley rafts-up in the Sqadron raft-up.Relief from record-setting heat and humidity were the order of the day for those smart enough to rendezvous at Duck Island Roads. Garth and Alison share the pool aboard Lady G.
Members enjoying the weather and scenery in The Thimbles. Everyone present enjoyed the July breeze and the Thimble's scenery aboard M/V Sea Mist.
A half-dozen boats rafted in Branford Harbor in June to practice their man-overboard techniques and to socialize with their fellows. Nancy Miller retrieves man overboard Christopher PizzorussoSafety Officer Art Andrea, AP describes man-overboard retrieval techniques

A merry band kicked off Summer 2005 at Guilford Mooring. In addition to routine socialization, we recognized one member for 75 continuous years of membership, and inducted our newest member, too.
Socialization was the first order of business
Cdr. William Weidner displays the plaque awarded to Alexander K. Murphy.
John W. Crowell takes the oath from Cdr. Weidner.
Even our youngest member had a really good time.

A crew of squadron folk, plus a ship of Sea Scouts, were afloat in the Memorial Day Parade in Branford. Thanks to the efforts of a couple of members, plus Sea Scout Ship 1, the public got an introduction to The Squadron Boating Course and the joy of our fraternal boating club.
Members and their families show the banner.
Mark Cisto's Tranquility blows bubbles
Sea Scout Ship 1 manned the rail for our Memorial Day presentation.

A crew of squadron folk enjoyed National Safe Boating Week 21 May as they participated in an open house at the Coast Guard Group Long Island Sound station in New Haven.
The image of USPS in New Haven
The next generation gets off to a good start.


Captain Henry F. Marx, owner and President of Landfall Navigation, spoke on safety at sea. He brought along a large selection of MOMs, jacklines, safety harnesses, and the comfortable new auto-inflating life vests. Captain Marx demonstrates personal floatation using a trio of member models

Marcus Notz demonstrating marine wiring. March begins the season for fitting-out, so we went to visit Marcus Notz at West Marine in Branford. He provided a seminar on electrical fittings for boats, and West Marine provided a discount on members' purchases -- another benefit of membership.

February brought Rives Potts, Manager at Pilots Point and a Vice President at the Connecticut Marine Trades Association, to discuss the marina business and what the opportunities and pressures are.
Boat folk absorbing the message.
Rives Potts making contact with boat folk.

The year's premiere social event brought together members and their families and District Commander Sandra W. Pierog, SN, for our squadron's 90thChange of Watch.
The year's premiere social event.
D/Cdr. Sandra Pierog administers the oath to Cdr. William Weidner.

We Connecticut Yankees thought it a mite warm for December, but maybe it was just the glow of our friends and children
Not wintry, but a lot of fun
A whole yacht club full of fraternal fun
Hayley helps Lynne with her grab-bag decision

Our fraternal boating club sampled the goodies and the tales of summer of their mates, then heard Calvin Ohidy tell of being Branford harbormaster.
Kim and Lynne sample some of our goodies.
Good friends, good food, good time.

Then they elected a slate to the Squadron Bridge for 2005. Branford Harbormaster Calvin Ohidy

A diligent -- or deranged -- group gathered for our Halloween pot-luck ship wreck meeting/party. Hearty stew, casserole, salad, stuffed breads, pie, cookies & punch, plus ghosts of summer past and the spirit of summers to come made this October night warm.
Kim, Scott, Garth & Lynn
Dinner & decorations
Kim presiding

Our first fall meeting included induction of another new member, plus discussion of weather with Gil Simmons,weather forecaster for New Haven's WTNH, and webmaster of Weather 4 Connecticut.
Cdr. Kim inducts Becky into NHPS.
Cdr. Kim and Gil Simmons are the center of attention.

Safety Officer Art Andrea supervised a man-overboard drill including practice retrieving persons from the water. And Peter earned a year's worth of Merit Marks being retrieved by everyone.
Safety Officer Art Andrea guides man-overboard rehearsal.
Alison Varian retrieves Peter Saint Pierre
Peter Saint Pierre gets picked-up by Becky

A merry band enjoyed dinner despite earlier small craft advisories. August small craft advisories during the day may have impeded our raft-up, but a merry band enjoyed a dinner rendezvous at Boom Restaurant at Pilots Point Marina.

Inge Drozd, Lt/C Alison Varian, P, Linda and Ken Ripley pose on the upper deck of the Sea Mist. July featured our second annual ThimbleIsland cruise aboard M/V Sea Mist.
Cruise Director Lt/C Alison Varian, P, greeted members and guests as they boarded the Sea Mist.
Lynn & Bill Fauzio enjoying the moonlight cruise.
Art cooks, Bill helps, and Dale and Mary Ann disturb the peace with their loud shirts.
Mother Nature shows she will not be outdone.

June brought our picnic meeting at Pilots Point Club House, complete with out Second Annual Tropical Shirt contest.
A cheerful squad smells the burgers and watches the sun set.
A flotilla of new members is sworn to make this our best year ever.

For a Memorial Day boating segment, Channel 8, WTNH, dispatched meteorologist Gil Simmons to Branford for interviews of Cdr. Kim Chieppo, P, and Safety Officer Art Andrea, P. Kim discussed the need to be aware and prepared while boating and described some of the safety equipment you need on-board. Art reviewed changes in the 2004 boating regulations. The segments were featured on Channel 8's 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00 pm news broadcasts.
Cdr. Kim Chieppo, P, and Safety Officer Art Andrea , P, provide Channel 8 viewers with tips on boating safety.
NHPS member Inge Drozd helps Gil with an inflatable life jacket
Gil Simmons at the Helm using a horn to notify WTNH viewers that NHPS leads the way in boating safety,

Bill has a wrap on his first aid training. May provided an opportunity for members to combine the benefits of civic service and self-education: a first aid course.

Our May meeting demonstrated another privilege of membership: a special demonstration of, and discount prices on, boat maintenance supplies and equipment. Alison lends an arm to first aid training.

Thanks to Daniel Lussier of Boaters Edge Mobile Marine Service and Marcus Notz, manager of West Marine in Branford for their entertaining and educational performance.
Squadron members listen closely as Daniel Lussier of Boaters Edge demonstrates boat maintenance.
Daniel Lussier of Boaters Edge and Marcus Notz of West Marine demonstrating a benefit of USPS membership.